We're Big Bang Copy, and we're a content writing agency based in the UK.

We've never been exposed to so much written content. From the minute we check our social media feed in the morning to when we check our phones before going to bed, we're surrounded by copywriting almost every second of every day.

But to be honest, most of it isn't very good. That means really good copy stands out from the crowd. Writing that jumps off the page and grabs the reader by the throat. To get noticed, you've got to be different.

Our writing is different. It's bold. It's eye-catching. But most importantly, it's effective.

We use copywriting as a tool to win your business more business. We do this by establishing a unique brand tone of voice that sets you apart from competitors. We then reinforce it with distinctive copywriting that people can't resist reading.

Here are the secrets

to our success:

Don’t be like the rest. Use the power of language to stand out from the competition and take your business to the next level.

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