All the copywriting templates you'll ever need

Nick Harland
June 2023
copywriting templates

These copywriting templates will improve the quality of your copywriting, save you LOADS of time and wow potential clients.

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Any copywriter worth their salt should have a set of good copywriting templates to work from.

Professional templates won't guarantee you 200 leads a day, or triple your income, or give you a six-figure salary overnight.

But they will improve the quality of your work, save you loads of time and increase your productivity. Here are all the copywriting templates you'll ever need.

Copywriting Brief Template

A good brief helps you define exactly what the client is looking for in a project. It will also clarify important stuff like deliverables, timeframes and key contacts. Without establishing these things early on, you'll waste valuable time during the project. It'll help to improve the quality of your work and leave your clients much happier.

Our FREE copywriting brief template includes all of the key information you need to get going with any copywriting work. You'll be working better and smarter in no time.

Content Templates

Although every project is different, the same copywriting principles can always be applied to work. By having a bank of templates and formulas to work from, you can easily apply those principles to your next project. Whether you're using landing page templates or headline formulas, a set of content templates will vastly improve the quality of your work.

Invoice Template

The best time is always the time we get paid. But you need to make it as easy as possible for your client to pay you. Thanks to this handy copywriting invoice template, you can create professional-looking invoices in seconds - and get paid in minutes.

Quote / Estimate Template

Sending an accurate quote for work really could make the difference when you're trying to land that huge contract you've been dreaming of. This copywriting quote template makes creating an estimate a doddle.

Copywriting Portfolio Template

We know, we know. You're a copywriter, and you're all about words, not graphics and presentation and all that jazz. Which makes it difficult to present your work in a professional manner. Luckily, with this copywriting portfolio template you can just copy and paste your work examples into a great-looking PowerPoint that we've already made for you. Client: impressed.

Copywriting Contract Template

Invoices, portfolios, briefs - none of these things matter if you don't have a solid contract that protects you and protects your business. This copywriting terms and conditions template is tailored to copywriters. All you need to do is fill in the blanks with the details of your client.

Copywriting Proposal Template

When you're tendering for a project, you're likely to have a lot of competition from other copywriters. But creating a great-looking, informative proposal can move you straight to the top of the queue. Thanks to this copywriting proposal template, you're already halfway there. It contains everything you should include in a proposal.

Style Guide / Tone of Voice Template

There's never a bad time to create a set of guidelines that define how your company should communicate. And in the time of AI, you might find a copywriting style guide is more valuable than ever. It could help you define a unique tone of voice and stand out in a sea of AI-generated copy. Check out our brand tone of voice template.

Rate Card Template

Deciding how much to charge for your services is tricky. But once you've worked it out, you still need a quick and simple way of communicating it to clients. A rate card template will allow you to easily share your copywriting rates with potential clients.


Downloadable copywriting templates

The good news is that we've packaged all of these templates up into one handy download.

These copywriting templates will give you everything you need to launch, run or professionalise a copywriting business. You'll produce better work for clients, take the stress out of admin tasks and free up loads of extra hours in your week.

So what are you waiting for?

copywriting templates

Nick Harland