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Our blog writing services are one of the most effective ways of propelling your website to the top of the search rankings, yet the benefits of blogging go way beyond search engines.

They are excellent for constructing your brand’s tone of voice, establishing your company as a thought leader in the industry and also double-up as great content to share via your other marketing channels.

We understand and apply the principles of SEO to boost your search ranking, but we aren’t constrained by them. We write your blogs in a style that is unmistakably your own. They’re not throwaway articles written to satisfy a search engine algorithm; they are well-written, extensively researched and highly shareable. We write blogs that give your brand an identity and separate you from the deluge of online blogs published every day; mostly in the same well-trodden format.

Our blog writing services work by firstly identifying the keywords that your potential customers are searching for on Google and then putting together a series of blogs based on these keywords. We supplement these company blogs with our blogger outreach and guest posting services, which further enhance your brand awareness and boost your search ranking. Here’s the full process:

1. Research 

We start by gaining a deeper understanding of your business: which products or services you offer, what your target audience looks like and how you want to reach them. Then we define the goals of your blog strategy. Do you want to appear on page one of search engine results? Do you need to create fresh content to share on your social media channels? Do you want to present your business as an authoritative industry voice? Whatever your goals are, we will tailor our strategy around them.

2. Analysis 

Once we’ve done the initial research, we will start to look at what your competitors are doing: the type of content they are producing, the topics they are writing about and the keywords they are targeting. We will combine this with our own research to produce a list of keywords to target through the blogging strategy. If SEO is not a priority then we will simply use this process to extract new content ideas and get an idea of the type of content that is resonating best with your audience.

3. Strategy

We then create a blog calendar to share with you. This will include a proposed set of topics we will write about and how often we will deliver the blogs to you. We welcome your input at every stage of the process, so if you have any specific ideas about the type of content then we will incorporate that into the plan too.

We will define the proposed length of each piece and produce a sample blog that you can sign off on before we proceed. We can even write the text for accompanying social media posts so you can easily share them on your profiles.

4. Writing

After the research, analysis and strategy comes the most important part: the writing. We will set about writing the blogs and articles in the agreed style, with a focus on readers over search engines. This means our copy will not simply be churned out to meet search engine demands, but will be engaging and shareable pieces that your audience actually find insightful.


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