Our email copywriting services will increase customer loyalty, grow brand awareness and win you more business.

A company with an engaged database of email subscribers pretty much has a direct line with their customers - as long as the copy is good enough. Without a subject line that grabs the reader’s attention and language that persuades them to click, you’re wasting the marketing channel which has the highest return on investment (ROI) for small businesses (Campaign Monitor, 2019). 

Here are some more interesting email marketing statistics:

  • Consumers open emails with personalized subject lines at a 50% higher rate compared to emails without personalized subject lines, yet only 2% of emails employ personalization (Yes Marketing)
  • Companies that A/B test every email see email marketing returns that are 37% higher than those of brands that never include A/B tests (Litmus)
  • Using the Word “Video” in the Email Subject Line Increases Open Rates by 19% and CTR by 65% (Syndacast)

So, what can we gather from these figures? That the subject line of an email is important. Testing variants of copy is important. Personalisation is also important. Therefore, investing in email copywriting services to make these adjustments can mean increased revenue for your business.

Our team of experienced email copywriters can give your email campaigns the boost they need. Adjusting the subject line and copy of your emails can make a far bigger difference to your ROI than extra marketing spend.


email copywriting services pricing
email copywriting pricing

Great copy can cut through the noise. Great copy can be the difference between success or failure. Let’s make sure you’re on the right side of that divide.