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What's the secret to getting your website to page one of Google?

Although every SEO copywriter will have a different answer to that question, for us, it's simple. Write for humans, not search engines.

The trick to SEO copywriting is writing content that's relevant to users. It's about writing content that they actually want to read. And it's about giving them a reason to choose your webpage over the millions of other steaming piles of rubbish out there. So how do we do that?

  • First off, we make sure the content we put in front of the user is what they were actually looking for. If I want to know what time it is in Tahiti, I will probably search for 'what time is it in Tahiti.' And so I expect to see a page telling me what time it is in Tahiti. Not about holidays in Tahiti. Not about the history of Tahiti. Just tell me the time in Tahiti.
  • Next, we write high-quality, memorable content that people actually read. We're writers first and foremost, and although we apply the principles of SEO to make sure a webpage can be picked up by search engines, the focus is ultimately on the words.
  • We also make sure that our content provides something to the user that other websites don't. We add value to the content. Let's say you've written a guide about holidays in Tahiti. To add value, you could offer readers a free PDF version of your guide, too. It's all about checking out what other pages have written and improving on it - not rewording it.

By applying these principles to your website, we give you the best possible chance of getting to page one of Google - though there are never any guarantees. SEO requires a lot of time, patience and perseverance, but the possible rewards are huge. You'll be in safe hands with our SEO copywriting service.

We can't guarantee you'll be the #1 search result on Google. But our high-quality writing gives you the best chance possible of being there. Interested?