and Editing

Spelling and grammatical errors are bad for business. They put customers off your company, drive them away from your website and ultimately lose you money. 

You probably don’t need us to tell you that poorly-written copy, grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are bad news for your company. But you might need us to make sure they don’t happen.

With our proofreading & editing services, we can check all of your written communications to make sure they’re error-free, make suggestions to improve their readability and work with you to produce a company style guide.

Style Guide

Style guides aren’t necessarily just the domain of big corporations. Companies big and small use style guides to inform every single part of their business. They ensure your communications are consistent, on-brand and the tone of voice is understood by every member of the company. That’s something which is extra important given the digital footprint that both individuals and companies leave behind.

To produce a style guide we will work closely with you to understand what makes your company tick and how you want it to be perceived online. We will outline writing do’s and don’ts, standardize spellings and give out general writing advice. It may sound a little boring, but these guides can be absolutely invaluable in maintaining a clear and consistent message throughout the business.

It's time to cut out the errors that are losing your business money. Let's talk.