A free copywriting quote template

Nick Harland
November 2022
copywriting quote template

Produce accurate copywriting quotes in a matter of minutes with this handy copywriting quote template.

You might be the perfect fit for a copywriting project. It might be your dream client. But if you get the pricing wrong, it could ruin your chances of landing that career-changing contract.

By using a copywriting quote template to break your proposal down into bite-sized chunks, it makes it much easier to price. You'll be giving yourself a better chance of landing bigger contracts and save loads of time in the process.

We're going to start off by running through the things you should include in any copywriting quote template. If you'd prefer to head straight to the downloadable template, scroll to the bottom of the blog. We won't be offended!

What to include in a copywriting quote

There are a few basic elements that any copywriting quote should include. These are:

  • your name/company name and address.
  • a quote number (e.g. #EST456).
  • the name and address of the client.
  • a table that breaks down the services you're quoting for.

These are the basic elements. But some quotes will also include:

  • a note to explain that the quote is only an estimate, and is subject to change. This protects you in the case of the client adding on extra work, which is frustratingly common!
  • your company logo.
  • next steps that explain what the client must do if they accept the proposal.
  • another note that outlines what the quote includes. For example: does it include further calls with the client? Does it include edits and revisions? How many? Being as specific as possible helps to manage expectations on both sides.

How to quote for a copywriting project

Now you know what to include in your quote, let's think about how you're going to decide on the pricing. Because as we said, there's no use quoting for a project if your pricing is way off.

The first thing to do is work out your hourly rate, and quote for the work based off that. Let's say your hourly rate is £30. You're quoting for a project to write a company website with 10 web pages. You estimate that each web page will take around three hours to write. That means the total quoted price would be (£30x3)x10 = £900.

However, copywriting projects always tend to last a little longer than you expect. For this reason, it might be a good idea to add a few hours on to the quote to cover any delays. You will feel a whole lot better that way than if you quoted for 20 hours but ended up spending 30 hours on it.

Another piece of advice is to break down your quote into as many pieces as possible. Let's stay with the example of the new website. You could break the project down into tiny tasks, like so:

  • Preliminary research (2 hours)
  • Writing the first draft (1 hour)
  • Adding internal links and optimising for search engines (1 hour)
  • Further edits and revisions (1 hour)

By being this specific, you can more accurately quote for copywriting work.

Your free copywriting quote template

This copywriting quote template comes in a fully customisable Google Doc. You can edit the colours and content depending on your personal preferences. It's part of our big pack of copywriting templates - simply hit the button to grab your copy.

Nick Harland