Freelance copywriter invoice template

Nick Harland
January 2023
freelance copywriter invoice template

This is a downloadable freelance copywriter invoice template. And that's all there is to say about this blog.

We're gonna level with you. We've written a whole blog about what a freelance copywriting invoice template should contain, even though you probably know all of that already.

But y'know, we've got to write at least 350-ish words to satisfy our Google overlords. If we didn't, this would never appear in Google's search results, and you would probably never read this. C'est la vie.

If you'd like to skip the mush and head straight to your freelance copywriter invoice template, scroll to the bottom of the blog. Otherwise, if you're interested to learn what an invoice should contain (hey, who knows?), then here's all the info you'll ever need.

What should an invoice contain?

Although the exact requirements differ depending on the country and type of business, there are a few key elements that every invoice should contain. They are:

  • An invoice number
  • Your address (a business address ideally, but your personal address will suffice)
  • Your client's address
  • The date of the invoice (this should be the day you send it to the client)
  • The due date of the invoice (ie, when it should be paid by)
  • A list of the services you provided, and the price you charged for them
  • The total price to pay (most clients will just look at this TBH, so it's important)

There are some other things you might want to include depending on the client, such as:

  • A PO number
  • Your tax/VAT number
  • Your client's VAT/tax number
  • Your bank details (where the client should make the payment to)
  • Any additional notes

So this is more or less what you need to include in a professional invoice. But for copywriters, things might look a little different. I mean, not much different, but a little different nonetheless.

What should a copywriting invoice contain?

Typically, the item table of an invoice will contain three or four columns, something like:

  • The name/description of the service provided
  • The hours spent on this service
  • Your hourly rate
  • (The hours spent on this service x your hourly rate) = THE TOTAL

Of course, this might differ slightly depending on what you do and how you offer your services. If you only work to a fixed price per project, for example, you're not going to track the hours like this.

Copywriters have the added conundrum of whether they charge by the hour or by the word. Rather than having an hourly or day rate, you might have a rate per word that you write. In this case, you would need to fiddle with your freelance copywriter invoice template to reflect this. However, it's pretty straightforward to do that. Just something to bear in mind more than anything.

Your freelance copywriter invoice template

Thanks for sticking with us, readers. It's been emotional. Without further ado, you'll find your freelance copywriter invoice template as part of our pack of copywriting templates. You can grab yours by hitting the button below.

Nick Harland