How to end a blog

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December 2022

Nobody likes a film with a bad ending, and nor do they like a blog with a bad ending. Here are 8 ways to end your blog.

Nobody likes a film with a bad ending. It can take away from the rest of the film and leave you feeling unsatisfied. And whilst the ending to a blog isn’t quite as important as the ending to a film, series or book, it still matters. 

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to end your blog, here are eight ways to do it.

1. Try TL;DR

TL;DR is Internet-speak for ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read.’ And it’s a good way of ending a blog. So you could end your blog by summarising its main points in a few short sentences. This is helpful for both reader, who didn’t read it because it was too long, and writer, who couldn’t think how to end their blog.

2. Include a call-to-action

If you can’t think of that killer phrase to end your blog, try including a call-to-action instead. It may be a little sales-y, but that is the point of most blogs, after all.

Let’s say you sell Christmas trees. You might have just written a world-class piece about how to look after your tree. To end your blog, you could include a link to your special Christmas tree-care product. If they even exist. We’re copywriters, not Christmas tree sellers. Give us a break.

3. Link to further reading

As Morrissey, I think, was really trying to say, some blogs are bigger than others. So rather than inflating your blog with loads of unnecessary info, sometimes it’s easier to link to other blogs for further reading.

So to end your article you could include a link to some related articles - either from your own website or from other high rep sites. You’re adding value for the reader and getting some SEO benefits as well, so it’s worth it.

4. Use a quote

If you can’t find those perfect closing words for your blog, why not let someone else do it? 

Have a little search around the interwebs for some related articles to yours, and find one with a nice closing line. Lift the quote from it, AND MAKE SURE YOU LINK IT. There’s no shame in using someone else’s words to end your blog, and sometimes it sounds quite professional.

5. Hark back to the intro

The really clever writers among us make our writing coherent by establishing a theme early on, and harking back to it later on in the piece. 

Let’s say you’re writing a blog about how to end a blog. You might end the blog by - HA HA HA - joking that you don’t really know how to end the blog. And THAT would be hilarious for both writer and reader. 

6. Include an update

Google likes fresh and regular content. And since Google are our SEO overlords, you better frigging listen to them. One way of freshening up your content is by updating it from time-to-time. 

Let’s say you’ve written a blog about the best web design software out there. Add an update at the end of the post with a bonus piece of software you’ve just found. Mention the price of one of them has gone down. This is a plus for Google and doubles up as a nice way to end your blog.

7. Invite comments from your readers

Even if you don’t have many readers on your blog, trying to generate some discussion among readers is a nice way of ending your blog. If you don’t have comment functionality, you could instead include your email address and invite questions from your readers.

8. Or, don’t worry about it

Yes, we know this isn’t a way of ending a blog. But it also kind of is. If you can’t think of a killer quote, or a poetic conclusion, then don’t worry about it. Don’t try to force an ending if there isn’t really a great way to do it. Some blogs will just end abruptly, and that’s fine. Like this one.

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